How do you store / retrieve a blob?

How do you store / retrieve a blob?

Post by Nick Pisars » Tue, 24 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I dont understand how blobs work? You get a InputStream and then read it?
Does it even come across from the database when you make a ResultSet? If it
does, then it would take an aweful long time to retrieve the rs.

1. retrieving documents stored in BLOB fields


I have been able to successfully store word documents and excel spreadsheets
in a SQL Server blob field (image data type) using the ADO Stream object.

However I would now like to retrieve them.  What I am looking for is, say a
hyperlink on a user form (VB/Access) that, when clicked, will open the
document in its correct application.

Thanks in advance.

Phil J

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