Creating DBASE-Indices with DAO and VB 5

Creating DBASE-Indices with DAO and VB 5

Post by Fortune System » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00

With DBASE index expressions can be something like
"UPPER(SUBSTR(NAME,1,20))". How can  you specify such an index structure
using DAO and VB 5? Can it be done at all??

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1. Creating dBASE III indexes using DAO 3.60...

How do I create an .ndx dBASE III file using DAO 3.60.  I create the .inf
file BEFORE yet DAO will not let me append the index to my workspace.  Here
is my code:

-------in modMain.bas module-------------
Option Explicit

Global wsCS As Workspace
Global dbCS As Database
Global tdCS As TableDef
Global idxCS As Index

-----------------in frmExe.frm module
Private Sub cmdIndexTBL_Click()

    Set wsCS = CreateWorkspace("wsCS", "Admin", "")
    Set dbCS = wsCS.OpenDatabase("B:\CS-6.07\M1JAX\DATA" & "\", False,
False, "dBASE III")
    Set tdCS = dbCS.TableDefs("CSTBL")
    Set idxCS = tdCS.CreateIndex("CSTBL")

    subIndexINF txtDBF_Name.Text 'This call creates the .INF file for DAO
    idxCS.Fields.Append tdCS.CreateField("CS_INDEX")
    tdCS.Indexes.Append idxCS

End Sub

When it gets to appending the index I get the error below:

Run-Time error 3251

Operation is not supported for this type of object.

How do I create this index for a dBASE III database when I always get the
error message above.  Any help anyone could give me would be a huge
assistance.  Thank you in advance.

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