32 Index Limit in Access

32 Index Limit in Access

Post by Orest Demki » Wed, 15 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know if the limit of 32 indexes per table within Access will be
changed in the future, or is this a key feature designed to have you upgrade
to SQL Server.  (I know that you should not have 32 indexes on a table, but
indexes are automatically generated when you create relationships between
tables - we have a very complex data model for oil industry engineering).

A simple work around is to have 1-to-1 relationships with an intermediate
table.  Or application is a commercial application that runs against most of
the popular ODBC RDBMS's.  Access is the only database system that imposes
the index limit.

Your response is greatly appreciated.
Orest Demkiw


1. Request for help - limitation of 32 indexes including foreign indexes

In Access/Jet databases you are limited to 32 indexes including foreign
indexes.  This has become a stumbling block for our data model which
revolves heavily around a central/general table with many different
associated tables.  

For each relation you create from a primary table to a foreign table, an
index is created in the primary table object.  When you have a large data
model you can quickly run out of available indexes before you define all
your required relations.  

Does anybody have an elegant solution to this?  Will this continue to be a
limitation in Access 97? Is this a limitation in Microsoft FoxPro?  We are
a VB development shop, any other database suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Orest Demkiw
Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd.
Calgary, AB

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