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I have just completed the design and development of a rather extensive web
site.  On one of the pages of my site there is a simple form into which
viewers can enter basic data which then comes to me via

But now I want to take the next logical step forward. For me, that means
incorporating the database concept into my web site. I would like the data
(from any form at my site) to be routed directly to a database like bdase,
FoxPro, Access, etc which I plan to have on my local hard drive.

First I need to design and develop the database.  The second step is to
ensure that the data from the form on my web site goes directly to this
database.  Do you have specific ideas as to how I can accomplish these two

Also,  where on the WWW can I find good resources and a probably a download
of dBase (4.x or 5.x); FoxPro, etc.  The visual versions of these data base
software would also be cool.  



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