'Cancel' command method not working?

'Cancel' command method not working?

Post by Mark S » Sat, 09 Jun 2001 00:00:03


When I run a command asynchronously and try to cancel it mid-process with
the command.cancel method it finishes anyway and returns a recordset.  Is
there any settings or properties that I need to be aware of?  If anyone can
give me some insight on this matter I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi everybody.

I have the feeling that the following could be very easily solved, but i
failed to see the solution until now.

My problem is like the following.
In my application i open some query. Sometimes with a lot of data,
sometimes not.
Then there is some button that make the application loop through that
dataset and constructs some export out of it, dumping it to file or some
When there is a large of data to process and along the way i come to the
conclusion that the data is all wrong i want to stop that looping,
aborting the export-construction and give me the opportunity to define
some other query.
So i made some button (say 'Cancel') that tries to intervene the looping
process. Just by setting some boolean that is tested on in every cycle.

BUT. No mather how hard i press that button, the loop doesn't react. The
program never gives the button focus but until the looping-process has

Long story, but i thing a lot of you recongnises my need. How can help
me? How can i interrupt some process like i described?

Thanks in advance,


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