Question on Package and Deployment Wizard

Question on Package and Deployment Wizard

Post by Dave LaPor » Sat, 11 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Could someone Please help me with the following question.  I
have created a small application in VB6,  I am trying to create a
install program to deploy my app to various computers around the
office.  I am not use to VB6, and it's deployment Wizard.
        First will VB6 compiled applications run on Windows95

        Second:  When I was coding in VB5 I could use it's setup
program wizard to create the setup disks on floppys.  In other words
the wizard would put the install program right on the disks for you.
Prompting you for each disk during the creation of the install
program.  Can and how do I do the same with VB6 and it's "Package and
deployment Wizard"...?

        Third:  I have read some of the MSDN help files on the Package
and deployment Wizard.  From what I could understand i needed to first
create a deployment file, and run the Package and deployment wiz again
and create the package, which I assume is the install program.  Then
the examples stated to copy the preinstallation files 'setup.exe and
setup.lst to the first disk, and copy the remaining
files onto the rest of the first disk and any subsequent disks that
are needed.  After all files are copied, copy the rest
of your .cab files onto the necessary disks.  What are the bootstrap
cab files. The only .cab files I get after running the package and
dep wizard a second time is and  After I copy
the setup.exe and the setup.lst and to disk 1 and to disk two, I can run the install, but I get errors during
the install like

Class not registered
looking for object with
CLSID: {00000010-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}


Run-Time error '91'
object variable or with block variable not set.


during runtime I get

an access violation occurred while copying files

Note: this app runs fine in the compiler with out errors, on my win98

Could someonel PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong and
how to get a working install.

Thanks you

Dave LaPorte.


Question on Package and Deployment Wizard

Post by Dave LaPor » Sun, 12 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I just want to thank everyone that emailed me. I was able to determin
the problem.  Just in case anyone else has this problem,  You cannot
do what I did.  I created a VB6 project using a access 97 .mdb file
and the standard VB6 data control, while having Access 2000 on my
development computer.  The project works but when you try building a
install, the PDW takes the .dll files from access 2000 and installs
them on the client machines.  
        That's what was causing my headach's.  When I created my
install on a computer which had VB6 and access97 installed on it, the
PDW created a install package that works fine.  It makes sense, that
the PDW is not going to know that you need Access 97 files, it takes
what's available.!


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I do have two questions about deployment & package.

I used package and deployment wizard. I run it in another pc and i
discovered that the access file (.mdb) didn't instal. If i manually copy the
file to the folder then the application works fine. What do i have to do to
include this file to the package?

Is there any way to prevent the user to change the installation folder?

Thanks for your replies.

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