Doing a find on a query - Delphi 1

Doing a find on a query - Delphi 1

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Try Using Infopower by Woll2woll Software.

It has filtering capabilities.

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Porting D2 C/S apps to D3 3-tier

>> Help,
>>         The client needs a Delphi 3 application retrofitted into
>> Delphi 1.  To make a long story short, the entire application depends
>> on filter criteria -- and Delphi 1 doesn't support filters.
>> compromised by creating and recreating SQL strings and plugging them
>> into a query.

>>           My problem is I need to include
>> the functionality to find specific records (ie: like Findnearest or
>> Findkey).  Guess what, query objects don't support that type of
>> functionalty.

>That's right, there is no adequate filtering capability in standard D1. And
>in SQL (at least in local SQL) there is no direct FindKey type command to
>jump to a specific record. I would also like there being such a command.

>The solution might be using some third party filtering component. Try for
>example the free RX-library from Delphi Super Page. The nice feature is,
>if you write something clever using it on D1, you can bring that also to D2
>and D3, because the same RX-library works everywhere.

>Markku Nevalainen


1. Doing a find on a query - Delphi 1

use Locate instead!

Locate doesn't depend on indexed keys so it works fine with any query's

However, there isn't a LocateNext (like there is in Paradox's ObjectPAL) so
to locate to the next record, you need to simulate it by some other method
(like perhaps using an incremented field value, increase the value you pass
in the function call and call Locate again.

If you are using this routine to go BACK to a particular record, rather
than using Locate, make use of the TQuery property "Bookmark".  When you
close a query, the Bookmarked value is LOST.  Just remember that..
Bookmarks only work when a dataset is left open.

Hope this all helps..

-Perry Way


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