problem with crystal report in VB6

problem with crystal report in VB6

Post by Fran?ois Delorm » Thu, 22 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I opened in VB6 a program i created with vb5 which includes a crystal report
object (crystl32.ocx) and a error occurs refusing to load the control. I
have tried to register it again with regocx32.exe but vb6 still does not
want to load this component.

Thanks for any help


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Good day to all
As the subject of my message implies, I created a database front end in VB6
Pro using an Access 2000 mdb file. All went great until I called the Crystal
Report v4.6 which refuse to open the Access 2000 mdb file. I then realized
that this older version of Crystal Report is not compatible with Access 2000
mdb file format. As I can't afford to upgrade to the latest version of
Crystal Report, I have to downgrade Access file format and use an Access 97
mdb file but my clients use Office 2000 at the office. My questions are :
If I downgrade to Access 97, will my application work on their machine
equipped with Access 2000 ?
What steps should I do here in order to make it fully compatible ?
What files should I install in term of MDACxx, DCOM95  etc etc ?
What any other steps should I use here that I don't think of ?
Do I have to uninstall Access 2000 and go back to Access 97 ?
All these questions are because I need to create reports in Crystal Reports
v4.6 and made them compatible with machine using Office 2000.

Thanks for responding.


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