Create User Control as Data Source Using ADO Data Control

Create User Control as Data Source Using ADO Data Control

Post by Szet » Sun, 29 Apr 2001 08:05:08

New to VB6 and new to using this newsgroup.  (There are half a dozen VB
newsgroups that I think this problem may fit in.  Thought I try a couple.)  Sorry
if I am doing anything out of the norm ...

So my question is on how to do something in VB6 ...

I want to create a user control that will act as a data source control.  In the
VB documentation, there is an example on how to do that creating everything from
scratch.  But what I want to do instead is to use the existing ADO data control
and customize it to my needs by wrapping it in a user control.  (I do not want to
create everything from scratch ... eg. the individual navigation buttons,
properties and events, etc. that the existing ADO data control already provides.)

So far in my attempt, the ADO data control I added to the user control becomes
inaccessible (ie. appears disabled) when the user control is sited as well as
when the application is running.

Any suggestions?


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We are currently rewriting our mail application in VB 6 and C++.  We have a
number of standard browse elements which include data lists which we want to
create as User Controls so that the junior developers can just drop them on
a form without having to understand the data backend.  We are trying to do
this using the ADO Data Control and Data bound grid.  We are encountering
problems with resources and memory.  With less the 2000 elements in the
list, the form we use the control on frequently can't load.  We get an error
from the data control telling us it can't connect to the ODBC data source.
I previous application written in VB 5 with RDO, which used similar lists
never once had this kind of problem.

Is the problem with ADO and the ADODC?  Is the problem using constituent
controls in a user control?  Any advice would be appreciated.

Philip Meeks
MEMEX Software Inc.


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