Storing/Retrieving Blobs

Storing/Retrieving Blobs

Post by Tamerius Cohe » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi guys..

First of all, I'm quite new to RDMS's, as well as JDBC in general, so
bear with me.

I need to store large binaries (pictures, movies, sound etc) into an
Interbase 5.0 Server database using either Jbuilder or plain JDK1.2 (as
SQL3 is part of JDK1.2 only ?). I'm communicating with the database
through a Servlet, so I can't (and rather won't) be using any Beans or
JBuilder components.

I've created the database tables using Interbase's ISQL, but I can't
seem to figure out how to insert data into the blobs using ISQL. I'd
rather use java.sql calls to store and retrieve data into the columns..
But I can't find any usefull information about Java and Blobs. I've
visited the Sun Java Tutorial but the only thing I learned was that
Blobs are specific to SQL3, and one could use BinaryStreams to access

My questions:
1) which version of JDBC has methods to access blob fields (JDBC2.0
Blobs are part of SQL3?
2) I would really like to use JBuilder (just for debugging) but I doubt
wether this is possible as I feel that I'll have to be using JDBC2.0
(JDK1.2), which makes debugging impossible (compiling still works ok).
3) Anyone got any specific pointers or help about this blobs&Java in
4) and finally, I would really appreciate some snippet of java code to
insert a large binary (eg a JPG) and retrieve it back again.

Any pointers, faq's or anything else are truely appreciated.

Tamerius Cohen
University of Maastricht.