creating report at the runtime with vb6

creating report at the runtime with vb6

Post by Huseyin Karasi » Wed, 08 Nov 2000 04:00:00

i want to create data report with vb6 at the runtime. but i can't do it.
how can i bind the data report with sql recordset and how can i set the report fileds and values?
please help me.


1. Creating report w/ Data Report in VB6

    Is there a way to use information from the table being queried for a
report in it's title or header?  I have a temporary table in a SQL 6.5
database that holds information for reporting use, and one of the fields is
one which I would like to use in the title.  Can this be done?  The report
feature won't let me drag the field(s) into the title section, or if it
does, when I run the application that generates the report, I get an error
message saying that txt.* can't be in the header/title.  Any input would be
greatly appreciated!


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