Problem accessing System table in Microsoft Access via ODBC

Problem accessing System table in Microsoft Access via ODBC

Post by Mark O'Connel » Tue, 30 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi All,
I cannot select from table MSysRelationships in MS Access through
I have set up an ODBC Connection to my data source as a System DSN with
User Name 'admin' and Password
Funnily enough I can obtain this information in Access as user 'admin'

Exception thrown in Java application as follows when I try to execute
the query

System Output:  java.sql.SQLException: [42000][Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft
Access 97 Driver] Record(s) can't be read; no read permission on
System Output:          at ids.sql.IDSSocket.verify(
System Output:          at ids.sql.IDSStatement.submit(
System Output:          at ids.sql.IDSStatement.execute(
System Output:          at
System Output:          at imtflib.db.DBEngine.Select(
System Output:          at
System Output:          at imtflib.db.DBIndexTest.<init>(
System Output:          at imtflib.db.DBIndexTest.main(

Can I get around this, I cant call method DatabaseMetaData
dmd.getCrossReference(...) as my driver for ODBC does not support this,
I am trying to use Pure JDBC but cannot connect with the URL I am using
without going through ODBC

Thank in advance
Mark O'Connell