Multi Selction in MsFlexgrid ?

Multi Selction in MsFlexgrid ?

Post by Daniel Myburg » Sat, 12 Aug 2000 04:00:00


I want to be able to select multiple rows in the MSflexgrid and then run go
and check if these rows are selected. This is easy in a file list box where
you just use  "If SourceFiles.Selected(liIndex) Then" but I cant find a way
in the Flexgrid to do it. any hints from anybody,, also anybody knows about
a better third party Control for the Flexgrid ??



1. Multi rows selection in MSFLEXGRID

How to trap the 1st row and the last row of user selection in the MSFLEXGRID
In the MSFLEXGRID property I had already set rowselection and my objective
is when user drag
for example row 5 - row 8 means user want to update row 5 to 8.
How do I know the start row is 5 and end row is 8 ?


 - Alex  -

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