Help Data Conversion: ASCII fixed format to MS Access 97

Help Data Conversion: ASCII fixed format to MS Access 97

Post by Louis C. Va » Mon, 17 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi there!

I need to convert a number of flat fixed format ACSII files to MS Access 97.
These flat files have been converted from a legacy COBOL database running
under HP UNIX.

I can convert those flat files whose data format is only of the type X
(string data) either with MA Access 97 Import Wizard, or Data Junction.
However, the data structure of many of these flat files contains numeric
data in the P, Z, J format, as well in the X format. The structure of such
files does not layout properly against data, and I have not been able to use
either MS Access 97 Import Wizard or Data Junction to clearly separate the
fields, and perform the conversions.

I would appreciate it very much if someone out there could suggest a
strategy to handle this conversion problem. I have no experience in
programming in COBOL.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Hi this is a thread from another news group that has not been
answered. Any ideas anyone?

Thank You, Thank hit it right on the money. It seems SQL
import/export converted all my MS-Access memo fields to the SQL ntext
data type. Does SQL Server have a comparable memo field type? If not
how do people get around the memo field requirement? Create text field
large enough for the average requirement?

Thanks Again

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999 16:40:30 +0400, Alexey Dolganov

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