Adding child record in grid using Datashape?

Adding child record in grid using Datashape?

Post by Ed Gille » Wed, 24 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have a master-detail form created with the DataForm Wizard.

When I add a new master record, and tab out of the last master table field,
the cursor will not tab into the data grid (because there is no record?).

I'm not sure what code to add to add a new record, or get the fous to go to
the grid, where the proerties are set so I can add records.


1. Adding child record NOT in a grid

I have a parent table (clients) and a child table (appointments).  One to
many.  I made a tabbed form with page one having the client information and
page two having appointment information.  In my data environment the
client/appointments tables are linked by clientID.  I used the picture
buttons provided in VFP.  I want to be able to query up the correct client
record, and then add a new appointment..NOT in a grid.  My confusion here
is, when you click "ADD", what exactly does it do?  I can't get it to clear
the appointment fields and get them ready for an insert.  I've tried putting
in a manual button with "append blank" and that doesn't cut it.  This should
be rather easy!  I can leave the appointments fields without a control
source and just gather the values into an insert, but that seems a lot of
old-style work for what should be obvious.  What am I missing here?

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