Post by PsychoDa » Thu, 24 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I created a Datagrid on my form and it is filled with data from an oracle
I want to read a single cell from it. How must be the source code for that
And i want to take over the format of the cell (e.g. Date, Time,....) when i
write it
to another field or something.

My first tries look like this:

    With TaskRec
      .Description = DataGrid1.Columns.Item(4).Text
      .Date = DataGrid1.Columns.Item(5).Text
      .Time = DataGrid1.Columns.Item(6).Text
      .Duration = DataGrid1.Columns.Item(7).Text
      .InvolveCount = 0
   End With

But with the command ".Item(4).text" it wont work because the format is
thrown away. ("4" Stands for the collumn index)

Please i need fast help.

Best regards

Martin from germany