Database-oriented component service container

Database-oriented component service container

Post by Richard S. Hal » Tue, 05 Jun 2001 03:43:05

I am implementing a service-oriented container for database components,
called Cibyl.  The general idea is to combine a generic JDBC database
viewer with a dynamic component/service framework; the result of this
combination is a container for components that provides a JDBC database
service in order for the components to provide application functionality
and GUIs.  In addition, database components can implement services
themselves and offer these services to other database components.

The idea is to build sophisticated client-side database applications out
of small database components; this is not intended to be something like
EJB, it is meant to be simple and for end-user applications.

My component implementation is based on the OSGi specification.  I have
currently made a preliminary release package available, including all
source code; if you find this interesting, please go to the following
URL for more detailed information:


-> richard hall


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I discovered some days later that the components I selected were
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Now to the question:  Is there a better way to get rid of the ScrollBox
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Also, is it just me...or is the Reset command (Ctrl-F2) strangely given
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--Greg    (Inquiring minds knead (sic) to know...)

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