Data Environment and passing parameters to child commands

Data Environment and passing parameters to child commands

Post by Jona » Sat, 25 May 2002 21:56:35

I have a question regarding parameters to child commands in the
DataEnvironment. I will try to explain the problem with a simple

The relation is ID = ID ofcourse.
I would like to use the same report to show:
  1) PetOwner and his/hers pets with an age < 2 (Or with an age <
  2) PetOwner and his/hers pets with name = 'Peter'
  3) PetOwner and his/hers pets with Gender = male

1) Is it possible to have some variables/parameters for this or do I
have to do three different reports?
    (This wont solve the problem with the parameter in report #1)

   I know how to use parameters in the 'parent' command. My problem is
that I would like to pass the parameters to the child command.
   In this way I would be able to use the same commands & report to
make different reports depending on the parameters.

   The obvious solution is to make more commands and reports. (They
will be almost identical. But I will not be able to make 'dynamic'
querys like I want.) This is something that I would like to avoid.

2) I could manage to do what I want if I could change the CommandText
of the child command. (CommandText~=SQL command)
   I know how to set the CommandText of the 'parent', but I cannot do
it for the child command.

   This is how I do it for the 'parent' command:
     DataEnv.Commands("cmdPetOwner").CommandText = "SELECT * FROM

   Is there anyone that knows how to find and change the child
CommandText and parent relations?

3) I could add a new table that contains the parameters.
   I would have to insert the parameters into this new table prior to
running the command/report.
   The command would have to look at this table to get the parameters.
   I would like to avoid this if it's possible.

Is there anyone that has had the same problem? And maybe a/the


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