Apex True Grid vs. Sheridan Data Wid

Apex True Grid vs. Sheridan Data Wid

Post by Eric Ma » Tue, 09 May 1995 04:00:00

> >I am planning to purchase a database development VBX to simplify
> >my life a bit.  Could anyone recommend between the above two VBX's,
> >pro and cons, and what they would buy ?

> Glenn,
> In todays (May 1, 1995) InfoWorld newspaper they addressed the very topic
> of which product to use.  If you can obtain that issue it explains their
> reasoning clearly.  In essence, they rated TrueGrid at 8.5 and Data
> Widgets at 7.3.  Both ratings are high enough to tell me I would be safe
> purchasing either product.  However, like you I am preparing to obtain
> one of these and will most likely purchase TrueGrid.

> Good Luck...

For whatever it's worth, I have Apex's TrueGrid, and although I'm certainly no
"power user", I'm pretty impressed with what it can do. The documentation is
quite good and the appearance and behavior of the grid seems to be top shelf.

Good luck,