Converting QuickReports to D3

Converting QuickReports to D3

Post by Jens Ba » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have cinverted a large project (70+ forms and 30000+ lines of code) to
D3. And I have a big problem with my QuickReport reports. They look fine at
design-time, but when I try to print them, everything prints on top of
everything else. What can I do?


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1. problems printing dbImages using QuickReports 2 with D3

hi all,
i've got a problem with printing blob or graphics fields with quickreports2.
in the print preview section , all the graphics appear but when it actually
started printing , only some of the graphics are printed.
my report prints 6 dbImages on 1 page and some of the pictures disappear
randomly and almost on every page.
I've read the QR faq and it seems like others like me also have this

can any1 help me ?
any help would be greatly appreciated,

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