DELPHI/ Contract-Long Term/ Ca.

DELPHI/ Contract-Long Term/ Ca.

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Programmer/ Analyst
Delphi----------------2yrs+ commercial experience
Version---------------3 acceptable/ 4 preferred
Contract--------------Long term
Area------------------Northern Calif.--Modest cost area
Working Conditions---Excellent
Must Have------------Good communication skills
To Be--US Citizen, US Greencard, or Canadian Citizen.
If Interested---Fax(419-893-6367) or email resume.

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Programmer/ Analysts
DELPHI----------------2yrs+ commercial experience
Contracts---------------Long term
Areas-------------------N. Colorado and N.Calif--modest cost area
Start Dates--------------April and May
Preferred----------------Version 4, Version 3 acceptable
Working Conditions------Excellent
All Work-----------------On Site
Must Be------------------US Citizen, US Greencard, or Canadian Citizen
If Interested--Fax(419-893-6367) or email resume

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