Error creating tables with MS Access 2.0

Error creating tables with MS Access 2.0

Post by Christer Bergstr? » Wed, 11 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I'm using Delphi 1.0, BDE 2.52 and Microsofts ODBC 2.0 driver for MS
Access. When trying to create a table with TTable.CreateTable, it fails
when one of the fields is of type ftFloat (raises an exception in the
BDE). Does anybody know the reason for this and if there's any remedy?
Or should I have to create the table by SQL instead (CREATE TABLE)?




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I am using Oracle as attached tables in Access. Oracle database has
triggers, primary keys, roles, etc related to the tables for different
users. How would I capture oracle error message and display it in a
better way. For example, EMPLOYEE table has EMPLOYEE_ID (number) column
as primary key. If someone tries insert a duplicate in EMPLYEE_ID column
Oracle returns an error, saying unique constraint constraint EMPLOYEE_PK.

My intention is, how can I capture this oracle error in an access form and
display it to the user something like "The EMPLOYEE_ID you entered
<entered_id> already exists, please choose a different EMPLOYEE_ID".
I am sure some of you might have dealt with this problem. I really
appreciate if someone can help me with an idea or direction.

Another example if USER_A has only select privilege on EMPLOYEE. If USER_A
tries to edit a form based on EMPLOYEE table, Access shows a message that
"ODBC Insert failed on Attached table 'EMPLOYEE' " and then
"[Oracle][Oracle ODBC Driver][Oracle OCI]ORA-01031: Insufficient
Privileges.". In stead of these messages is there a way that I can
show a message box to the user like "Your userid <user_id> does not have
sufficient privilege to edit the table EMPLOYEE. Contact your system
administrator for adding new records privilege the EMPLOYEE table".

Thanks in advance
Srini Medam.

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