How to create a dBase-Browser?

How to create a dBase-Browser?

Post by Juergen Ritza » Wed, 11 Feb 1998 04:00:00


Using Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS, I'm very new to Windows 95
C++ programming and I've following problem:

I want to create a simple database browser using DAO of
Visual C++ 4.0. This browser should show a dBase IV-file
called FRIENDS.DBF. This file contains fields (30c),
city (c30) and phone(c20).
Anyone who can send me a short example source, which also
shows how to append,delete,seek and sort records in a dBase
file ?

Thanks for any hint!
[I know the solution is anywhere in the online-help, but
I'm fighting with megs of information without knewing more :-(  ]

Frankfurt, Germany



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I'm looking for a tool to handle DBASE Tables.
I need the functions:
- show_deleted to view all sets of tehe table
- pack to delete the softdeleted sets physically
- zap to empty a table
- print_structure to print out the table definitions and index

Thanks Gerhard

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