Interbase ODBC Driver that Works with ODBC Administrator v.3.0

Interbase ODBC Driver that Works with ODBC Administrator v.3.0

Post by Ed Nixo » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Can someone explain what the issues are in getting the Win95 32-bit ODBC
Administrator to see an Interbase ODBC driver? In the old days it was
pretty straight forward: you added the driver to the administrator list and
then created a DSN. Now, I presume, the Interbase ODBC driver installation
is supposed to register the driver, etc., etc. This is probably old news so
a friendly pointer to the relevant information is all I need for your
trouble. thanks.                 ...edn


1. interbase to SQL server using DTS via Interbase ODBC driver


I'm trying to import data from Interbase into SQL Server.

The load works fine with tables that do not have memo/blob fields.

Whenever I do get a table with a blob field, some of the rows error

I've tried importing the data into access and that does not work

Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is a sample of the error file:

Error at Source for Row number 33. Errors encountered so far in this
task: 2.

Error Source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Data Pump
Error Description:Cannot instantiate Storage Object for source column
12 ('BODY') Blob data.
Error Help File:sqldts80.hlp
Error Help Context ID:30701


-- Joel

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