Attached Excel sheet in Access stops after every 500 records

Attached Excel sheet in Access stops after every 500 records

Post by tonybr.. » Sun, 12 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I have attached an excel sheet to an access database to process the data. I
have a record counter showng the progress of record being processed. The
counter whizzes along for 500 records and then stops for one or two minutes.
This is repeated for every 500 records.

Is there any way of speeding up the process as I have sheets with 20-30,000
records in.

The system is obviously buffering it somehow but is there any way of
changing the buffer size?

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can suggest an answer would you

and the request is quite urgent.

Thanks in Advance

Best Regards

Tony Brown


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I am using DAO in VB5.

When I attach an excel 97 (or 5 for that matter) spreadsheet and list
the tabledefs in the object, tables(sheets) appear twice.  Once as
labeled and once with a $ appended to it.

ie.  FirstNames

when I want to reference the table, I have to reference it with the
dollar sign.

Any ideas why and where this is documented.


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