BDE Install fails on some users machines, why?

BDE Install fails on some users machines, why?

Post by Gerald Nu » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Twice now users have tried to install the BDE on their respective
machines only to have the BDE install program fail with the message below:

"Cannot execute install.exe (or one of its components)
Check to insure that all components (instxtra.pak) are available"

Yet I have installed the BDE on a dozen other machines, from the same
files, and it works fine.  Unfortunately the two machines it fails on are
not anywhere near me, geographically speaking, so there is no way I can do
a detailed analysis of why the BDE installation fails.  As I said, it has
so far failed on only these two machines and not any others.  Anybody have
any idea why the BDE is failing to install?

It sounds like it is missing a DLL, but which one?  All of the install
files are present as far as I can determine and the user has plenty of
hard drive space for the install.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


BDE Install fails on some users machines, why?

Post by Pekka H. Martikain » Fri, 09 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have tried to install BDE in a LAN environment without success.
This machine gets its Win31 from LAN and the user cannot write to LAN's
windows and windows/system directories. The user has a small local win31

How can I install BDE in that environment? This is very important for me.

You can email me directly:

Pekka H. Martikainen
Telecom Finland Ltd
Telemedia/production support
Helsinki, Finland


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Hi guys,

I developed a Delphi application using Access 97 tables via BDE. I made an
full installation kit by InstallShield and take my application to another
computer. I installed it successfully, but when I started my application, I
got the following message (sorry in french) : "impossible de charger une
bibliotheque de service IDDA3532.dll"

This message could be translated (I think ) by "unable to load a service
library IDDA3532.dll"

This file does really exist on the mentionned computer.

I hope someone can help me


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