MS ACCESS/VB-Database Structure

MS ACCESS/VB-Database Structure

Post by Manfred Salomo » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

I develope a adress and mail managing programm with MS ACCESS. Now I would
like to write this programm in VB. I work in access with VB, but on the
first look, it seems to make a lot of work to port a Access programm to VB.
What I need is sample of VB adress-programm with search and filter
features, also a sample to look how to manage sub forms by keyfield. I
would like to port my Access programm by the quickest and easiest way. So,
if you know a good working VBX-control which supports MS-Access and VB,
please let me know.



1. accessing MS access database using VB&CGI


I want to develop an application which connect to MS access database using
CGI with visual basic 6.
I need tutorial and sample code. But I'm not clearly know which component
reside on server and which component reside on client.  On the other hand,
which server program (PWS,IIS,Apache, Xitami) must be installed in server
computer? If possible Could you please explain step-by-step this application
for me?


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