HELP run-time error 3050

HELP run-time error 3050

Post by yoni » Mon, 11 Mar 2002 23:49:03

i am using DAO with access 2000 databse.
and when i trying to open my program in other computer i get run-time error
'3050' could not lock file.

what is wrong.


1. Help!!!!Run-time error:3050 bombing on my DBengine.systemdb

I have a workgroup file that I attach to using the DBEngine.Systemdb.
When a user runs the program from their machine they get the error 3050
"can't lock file".  Me and 2 other guys who also run the program do not
get this error and the only commonality is that we have administrative
priviledges on the network

The normal user can join the workgroup through a shortcut on his desktop
and open the database just fine and all the tables, but when the program
tries to open the database using the DBEngine we get that 3050
error????? Does anyone know how to fix this????
Also we have another program and database that is very similar in fact
it was developed the exact same way and we don't get the error on that
Thanks in Advance......................Scott

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