Help...SQL UNION Error !!!

Help...SQL UNION Error !!!

Post by Dhenmaz TeBeY » Thu, 29 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I want to retrieve data from foxpro table with "UNION" sql statement using
datacontrol with oledb for odbc(using dbase). When I execute sql error
occur, message say:

"The database engine could not lock table "mst01" because it is already in
use by another person or process"

just for information the foxpro table on mycomputer.

the syntax :

adodc1.recordsource = "select acc_no from mst01 a UNION select acc_no from
mst01 b"

any help is appreciated.




Hello everybody,

I hope someone will help me on this one :

I have a PL/SQL stored procedure that tries to do something like that :

        INSERT into table1(a, b)
        select T.x , T.y from
        ((SELECT m1 as x , m2 as y from M)
        (SELECT n1 as x , n2 as y from N)) T;

When I test the SQL code through sqlplus, it works fine (the select
When I try to run it, it sends me an exception ORA-01745: invalid
host/bind variable name

The only time it worked was when I did some testing using only varchar2
type fields

I don't find any documentation on this behaviour.

If you have any clue, I would heavily apreciate.

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