Backup & Restore Utilities Using VB

Backup & Restore Utilities Using VB

Post by TCSni » Sun, 22 Jan 1995 03:11:05

I am SHELLing out to DOS to run .bat files to backup and restore my
application data files to/from diskette.  I also use PKZIP/UNZIP in these

What alternatives do I have in the Windows environment - so I don't have
to 'burp' out to DOS?  

Does anyone know of 3rd party products to streamline the backup/compress
and restore/expand operations within a VB app?!

Thanks in advance.  :)


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One of our production databases is hanging while using EM to get a list of
the available backups on its database. I traced the problem to the number of
entries in our msdb database.  I have written and tested a script to elimate
older records in the backup list through 7 different table and it alleviates
the problem.

Is there any supported utility that does a similar cleanup of msdb backup
records.  I would rather use a tried and tested solution.

SQL Server 7.0 SP2

Thanks in advance,


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