crosstab reports

crosstab reports

Post by Li Ch » Sun, 06 Nov 1994 05:31:31

>hi..i have visual basic 3.0 there anyway to
>produce crosstab reports with the verion of crytal reports
>that comes with it? thanks!

You need profesional edition of Crystal Report toe produce cross-tabular



crosstab reports

Post by Jeffrey Johns » Sat, 05 Nov 1994 00:26:24

hi..i have visual basic 3.0 there anyway to
produce crosstab reports with the verion of crytal reports
that comes with it? thanks!


1. SQL syntax for CROSSTAB reports. Any Suggestions


Would anybody please advise whether there exists some proper SQL syntax  for
generating a CROSSTAB report .  I want the contents of a table to appear as
the header in the report (field names) and the data would be aggregations
based on the base table. I have tried joins and unions without any success.

The layout is given below

Table1 - One field  A_Group with 5 records
Table2 - Two Fields A_Group,S_Code with about 250 records
Table3 - Four Fields S_Code,ST_Code,Price,Unit

I want the report this way

                        A_Group(Record1)    A_Group(Record2)
A_Group(Record3)  .......

S_Codes                Price , Unit                Price, Unit
Price, Unit
     ''                              ''         ''                       ''
''                     ''           ''
     ''                              ''         ''                       ''
''                     ''           ''

Any suggestions??


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