Open .COB, .CBL and .ANO

Open .COB, .CBL and .ANO

Post by Xavier Lar » Tue, 12 Dec 2000 07:34:06

Hi everybody,
I need to open .COB, .CBL and .ANO arxives to extract the values of a DB to
make a new VB project.
Can anybody help me, 'cause I need a customer table and a city table that
are into this cobol arxives. Is very important and very urgent.
Thanks and greetings,

Xavier Lara


1. CBL (ODMG) Java Object Manager Beta Release 2

Hi Everyone,

Happy to announce CBL Beta Release 2 is now available at Web site:

CBL (Component Based Logic) is a 100% pure Java based Object Manager
based on the ODMG Java bindings.

 CBL provides the following:
- Reusable components utilizing analysis and design patterns.
- Implements the ODMG Java bindings.
- Strong type-checking and self-describing schema processing.
- Flat file processing for Udt (User Defined Type) based containers.
- Log processing for errors and CBL events.
- Wildcard and Soundex processing.
- Local Object Name mapping.
- Scrollable cursors.
- Ad Hoc Query  for transient and persistent data.
- 100% pure Java.
- JDK version independent.
- Prototype development of transient and persistent systems without the
need for a
- Training tool that is affordable for personal use, and robust enough
for industrial use.

pseCBL is an Object Manager for Object Designs PSE/PSE PRO product.
pseCBL is a version of the CBL product generated to utilize PSE/PSE PRO
as a persistent storage engine.

Please take a "looksee".  Look forward to hearing from you.

|Raymond Pryor  "Information Firefighters" |

|312-243-7057                              |

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