get access-memo-field in an rtftext-field

get access-memo-field in an rtftext-field

Post by Klaus Stockmaye » Tue, 22 Aug 2000 04:00:00

i have the following problem:
how can i get a the content of an access-memofield in a visual basic
richtextbox?? i get al the time a database-warning, when i try it with a
Thanks for help

1. Mail Body field to Access memo field

Please help!

I have an app that will take the mail entries from
MS Mail and write them to an Access .mdb file.

My problem is that when I try and write the body of the
message into a "memo" field, the body gets cut off.

I've even have a function that strips out the CR/LF so
that text in the same paragraph gets all strung together.

To test that I've dumped my results to a text file and
then loaded it into a word processor to make sure all the
paragraphs are intact.

No matter what I do, I don't seem to get the number of
characters I should in the memo field.

On avg. my memo field is only holding a little more than
850 characters.

What is taking up the extra space in the memo field?

I'm confused.


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