Creating Win 3.1 apps/network apps in win 95

Creating Win 3.1 apps/network apps in win 95

Post by Graphics and Technical Syste » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Are there any special considerations in using Win95 and Delphi 2 to creat apps
that will run on win 95, nt and 3.1 or is it simply a matter of setting the
right options.

I'm still using delphi 1 and win 3.11 but a new project requires this platform.

Similarly are there any special requirements for running apps on networks inc.
novell, and banyon as wells and the various windows or again is this inbuilt in
the language?

Kym Wilson
Graphics and Technical Systems


1. VB3 program OK in WIn 3.1 but not in WIN 95

I have a simple VB3 Access 1.1 database program which runs perfectly in
I copied  the program  & the database  files to another computer using
W95 and got a 'file not found' error at line 100

50    form1.DATA1.databasename = "phones.mdb"
70    form1.DATA1.recordsource = "Select * from phone order by name"

'(phone is the table)
100  form1.DATA1.REFRESH
200  etc

All the files are in the same directory & I have checked their names
using VB3's DIR$
and W95's 'Find'. They are there. Their attributes & sizes are OK.
I even reconstructed a new test database file using the same field
structure. Same result.
I have another VB3 database program which runs perfectly in W95 on the
same computer & drive.
Can anyone suggest possible causes for this odd behaviour ?

Graham Rice

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