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I'm new to database programming and am having some difficulties editing
datasets returned from queries. The data aware controls can't be changed and
using TEdit controls seems to take a lot of code, so does anyone know how to
join multiple tables into an advantage query or view and make it live? Or
does anyone know how to update a static dataset without writeing reams of



1. Advantages of Varchar over Char and viceversa

Hi there,

We are having a debate here with some collegues about the advantages and
disavantages of datatype Varchar over Char in table columns (and viceversa).

I am listening to both sides of this debate, and see both of them have good
arguments (for example, some folks here say using Varchar too much may
downgrade performance, others say, in the other hand, it helps to save space
in the server disk).  So I decided to post this note here and let the guys
listen to third parties. (I already have an opinion and preference, but I
don't want to favor any of them until having them listening to third

We are talking about using Varchar vs. Char... major advantages and
disadvantages of one over the other in different aspects, like performance
in tables, performance in stored procedures, performance thru ADO, disk
space, and other important areas.

Your input will be appreciated.

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