Save to New version : problem with VBA and Excel OLE Automation

Save to New version : problem with VBA and Excel OLE Automation

Post by Marcel de Haa » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Does anybody know HOW to save an excel sheet version 4.0 to version 5.0?
If you have a SHORT piece of sample code for me i would be very thankful.      

(WhErE eVeR yOu GO, gO MiCrOsOFt)

Ing. Marcel Pieter de Haan

Application programmer
Randstad Automatiseringsdiensten bv
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


1. Need help with OLE Automation and Access from VBA

I am trying use visual basic to run queries and reports I wrote in
Access.  I am trying to use OLE Automation to do so.  I am practicing on
the Northwind database until I understand what I am doing.  I have added
in the Access object Library.  I used some Dim statements to identify the
database and used the getObject command to identify Northwind.  The
program continually crashes when I try to execute the query though.  The
offending line is below.  What do I need to do in the way of declares or
other to get this to work?  The error generated is  "Object required,
error 424.  Thanks for any help.

 objAccess.DoCmd.OpenQuery "Invoices", acNormal, acEdit

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