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Our employer wants a pessimistic locking schema using ejb's with
internet options in the future.
after investigating the nature of EJB and the net We feel this to be a
But we are NEWBIES What technical arguments are there against
pessimistic locking / JAVA / EJB and the internet / intranet

Thanks the scutters

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1. Strange lock issue (why 400,000 locks are needed when 1 will do)

I have a strange lock problem.  I have searched groups.google.com and
microsoft.com with no luck.

Environment:  NT 4.0 Server with Service pack 6a.  SQL Server 7 with
service pack 3.  On a Compaq server with  512 MB ram, dual PIII 500
CPU and a SCSI RAID 5 array.

We have a stored procedure that adds new incidents to our log table.
We attempt to match with an existing incident first (via an update),
then if we can't find a match we add it (via insert).  In normal
system operation this procedure runs at least 30 times a minute
(depends on the load of the system).  The procedure runs great and the
system runs great.  But sometimes SQL Server gets into a strange state
where we start getting timeouts (we set the timeout via the ODBC API
for 10 seconds on this particular command).

I have been able to track it down to the update that is locking up. If
I run a sp_lock when this procedure is running I find tons of row
locks for the spid that is running the stored procedure (400,000+ in
one case a couple of days ago).  The update (ie match part) can only
effect one row at the most (normal operation would affect 0 rows), so
I am at a loss at why something that should only create 1 lock (maybe
a few other locks at the most) would create 400,000+ locks.

Another thing is if I take the update statement that timeouts and run
it with the same data via isqlw (therefore running in a separate
connection) it runs fine (with sub-second response).  If I run the
stored procedure (with contains the exact same update statement) in
the same isqlw window  it takes 20 seconds (which is 19.9 seconds too
many).  The only way I can get things working again is to restart SQL
Server (which is unacceptable).

Has anybody seen this? Thanks in advance for any help.

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