VB Integration and MSMAIL

VB Integration and MSMAIL

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I would like to write a Msmail enabled VB application. This function
will  pick up the recipient name,  one at a time, from a flat file
and send a standard message. This message will be sent without a
supporting user interface or  in batch.

Could someone who has experience on VB programming and Msmail advise
me how to go about developing this application. Alternatively, please
recommend if there is a better way of doing it without using VB.

Siew Hong


1. Access and MSmail integration

Has anybody found a way to successfully e-mail from within access i.e.

i create a new record, and certain fields are to be placed on a form for
producing text file. Has any body found a way to successfully transfer
such a text file to a users mailbox, interfacing with msmail in NT
environment. The process ideally should be automatic and happen in the
background, code/macro solutions most welcome

Appreciate help from anyone who has achieved such functionality. Please


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