odmg30.zip .. Any sample programs available?

odmg30.zip .. Any sample programs available?

Post by In.Vers » Sat, 18 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I'm a newbie to OODBMS's and have been evaluating  oo databases like GOODS,
POET, ozone, PSE, and db4o.  I want to use a small, simple, open-source
oodbms in a freeware project.

I came across odmg30.zip on the odmg.org web-site.  It appears to be
something I could use, but there didn't seem to be any sample programs that
came along with it.  I'd like to evaluate it, but I was hoping someone had
written one or more simple programs that illustrated the sequence of API
calls to get a simple database working.

Perhaps there is information in its javadocs I missed?

Lynn Allan


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Database Zip Code Locator

Find zip codes within a radius from a zip code.
Find distance between two zip codes.
Find locations within a radius form a zip code.
Public domain zip code data.
No addins.

Industrial strength, runs on SQL Server 7.0


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