Wilmington, NC Delphi users??

Wilmington, NC Delphi users??

Post by WarpTwel » Thu, 25 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello... are there any Delphi users in this part of NC?  I'm working on a
project and I'm frankly stumped by a couple of basic problems (SQL won't
work as I want it to and now I'm getting messages about 'Call to
RegisterClasses is missing or incorrect.' and I haven't got a clue).  Any
Delphi classes around here?  ANY help at all would be appreciated.

BTW, I was in touch with a few good Paradox-oriented people several months
ago when I was considering Paradox vs. Delphi for this project and if any
of you folks see this message I apologize for not recontacting you - my
laptop crashed about a month ago and when it went so did all of my


John W. Gilmer