How to import ODBC Database tabel into Access ???

How to import ODBC Database tabel into Access ???

Post by HiJac » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00

How can I import an ODBC table into Access.  I know how to link tables,
but I need to know how to import a table directly.  I need to do it
without any SQL statement, SLECT INTO.  The code below works fine for
linking the table, but how can I modify to import the table????

Public Sub LinkODBCTable()
    Dim DB As Database
    Dim tdfODBCTable As TableDef

    ' Open a Microsoft Jet database.
    Set DB = OpenDatabase _

    ' Create a TableDef object.
    Set tdfODBCTable = DB.CreateTableDef _

    ' Set the connection information.
    tdfODBCTable.Connect = _
    tdfODBCTable.SourceTableName = "ODBC_TABLE_NAME"

    ' Append the TableDef object to create the link.
    DB.TableDefs.Append tdfODBCTable

End Sub

Thanks for any help


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I am designing a program in VB6 and now I have a little problem. I want to
import data from Excel97 to a tabel in Access 97.

In my VB program I use this code to do so.

Sub ImportData()
Dim strDB as String
Dim strXName As String
Dim ACC As Access.Application

strDB = "Db"
strXName = "D:\Data.xls"
Set ACC = OpenCurrentDatabase(strDB)

    DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel97, _
    "tblSALGSTALL", strXName, True, "Grunnlag"

End Sub

This code works fine. But the problem is as follow: To use the code, all of
my users need to have a copy of Access, because the code opens Access.



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