problem access SQL server

problem access SQL server

Post by silenus padr » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I hace create a program with VB6, i use data base with ODBC, when i use my
program with a access DB, it run correctly but when i replace in ODBC my
link to access files with a link to SQL server alias in all combo box ifo my
program i have ID and not Text ??????


if i have two table one with poeple and one with company, when i create a
form for poeple i have a combox with the name of the company but of course i
use the ID of the company in the poeple table.
If i change in ODBC my link to access file with a SQL server access in my
combobox of company i have the ID of my companies ???

thank you for you help

PS : sorry for my english


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Has anyone else seen a performance difference between running an
application that queries SQL server on '95 machine and a NT machine? I read
Brian Moran's article in Windows NT Magazine, June 1997 titled
"Troubleshooting SQL Server" and was excited to see someone address the
problem. He suggested "The problem is a result of a networking enhancement
called direct hosting". And went on to explain by saying "Direct hosting
lets the client bypass the NetBIOS layer when communicating with the server
over IPX". His solution was 1) to pick a SQL server IPC method other than
Named Pipes or 2) Disable Direct Hosting through a registry setting (this
would have an affect on all applications run on the client machine so this
is not the perfered method). Neither of these suggestions helped in my
case, the only thing that fixed the performance problem was to completely
remove the IPX protocol, which in fact shows that his diagnoses is probably
correct, but his solution didn't give me the desired result. Does anyone
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Any help would be greatly appriciated!
Todd Speary, TFP Inc.

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