Q- Looping Problems

Q- Looping Problems

Post by Rick Whea » Thu, 16 May 1996 04:00:00

I'm working on a database application using Paradox 5.0 tables,
BDE and Delphi 1.02.

I have three tables in a 1-M-M relationship.  Clients(1), Debtors(M),
and Transactions(M).

I've designed the following procedures to loop through the Transaction
table and accumulate the total of all of a particular Debtor's

Logically, the code works.  I've set watches and observed it as it
iterates through the Transaction table, accumulating payments.  I've
watched it Update_Debtors by plugging the accumulated amount into the
appropriate field in the Debtor table.

My problem arises on the third debtor's update.  Upon returning to the
AccumulateTransactions procedure from the UpdateDebtor procedure, EOF
for the Transaction table becomes TRUE.  

I've attempted to make the procedures extremely understandable.  Please
offer some possible suggestions!

procedure TFrmMain.AccumulateTransactions (Sender: TObject);
      {These are global variables}
      DebtorRecordNumber       := 0;
      ThisPaymentAmount        := 0;
      TotalPaymentAmount       := 0;
      UpdateDebtorRecordNumber := 0;

   with TblTransact do  {gentlemen, choose the table}
      TblTransact.IndexName := 'ByDebtorAndTransaction';  {set the index}
        TblTransact.First;  {start at first record}
        while not TblTransact.EOF do  {begin loop}
        if DebtorRecordNumber = 0 then   {yes on first pass, get value of debtor number}
           DebtorRecordNumber := TblTransact.FieldByName('DebtorNumber').AsInteger;

        if TblTransact.FieldByName('DebtorNumber').AsInteger > DebtorRecordNumber then
           UpdateDebtor(Sender);  {if this is a new debtor then update Debtor table}

        DebtorRecordNumber := TblTransact.FieldByName('DebtorNumber').AsInteger;

        ThisPaymentAmount := TblTransact.FieldByName('PaymentAmount').AsInteger;
        TotalPaymentAmount := ThisPaymentAmount + TotalPaymentAmount;

        UpdateDebtorRecordNumber := DebtorRecordNumber;

        TblTransact.Next;  {get the next transaction record}

procedure TFrmMain.UpdateDebtor(Sender: TObject);
   TblDebtor.IndexName := 'ByDebtorNumber';
   TblDebtor.Active := true;
   TblDebtor.Fields[0].AsInteger := UpdateDebtorRecordNumber;
   TblDebtor.FieldByname('TotalPayments').AsInteger := TotalPaymentAmount;
   TotalPaymentAmount := 0;
   ThisPaymentAmount := 0;

On the third return from UpdateDebtor, regardless of the number of
transactions or debtors in the respective tables, EOF becomes true.
I can't seem to understand why.

Thanks in advance!

-- Rick
 Rick Wheat
 WheatWorks Software


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