ADO executing oracle stored procedure/function

ADO executing oracle stored procedure/function

Post by A J Hirs » Sun, 21 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi folks, hope you can help.
Using ADO component to connect to Oracle via ODBC
I have no problems issuing select/insert commands in the .asp file and
know how to work through the recordset that is returned BUT now I want
to invoke stored Oracle procedures and functions.  If I change the sql
string that I have to
"execute <procedure_name>",  or "select <function_name>" then I get an
error to the effect that the execute statement is illegal  or the
table/view does not exist.  There is no such table/view, I know, but a
valid function_name exists and I can use that from SQL*Plus command
line.  Also, if I had a function that returned an integer as opposed to
a recordset, could I just 'catch' it in a normal variable or do I have
to use a recordset object?
Thanks for reading this.

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i want to execute serval Stored Procedures or Functions using the MS Query
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Please can anybody tell me how to do this.
Is ist also possible to use a SQL-Server-Stored Procedure to call an
Oracle-Stored Procedure?

Michael KARL

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