Problem accessing record from SQL Data base Date/Time Field

Problem accessing record from SQL Data base Date/Time Field

Post by Bruce Johnso » Mon, 18 Feb 2002 16:31:09

Are you using the DateDiff function for you comparison?  For example:

WHERE DateDiff(d,DateField, '1/1/02') = 0

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1. SQL data type for Microsoft Access time and date fields

In Microsoft Access (2000, but this also occurs in 97), I create two fields in a
table of types "short date" and "short time". In some software which queries the
table, I use SQLColumns() and query the result set on column 5 to get the SQL
Data Type. In both cases it returns SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP. This is no good. I need
to know whether it is a time or date field. Any ideas?

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