Database source code samples

Database source code samples

Post by Carlos Seoa » Sat, 02 Mar 1996 04:00:00

        I am told that DAO is better that bound controls. But, does anyone
know where can I get some simple code samples using DAO with a
database application. i.e: the best way to add records, delete,
        Please, e-mail.

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   Can anybody provide me with the source code of an existing ( non
commercial) database system that can be extended to test some
structures that I am developing. ( basically a concurrency
control mechanism ) , I mean source code in the form of
acess structure , parser , predicate calculus generation etc.
It is purely for research purpose and I assure you no cmmercial
gain is involved in this , If you need any further clarification
please contact me I can give you more details. I will appreciate
any help with regard to the above.

kaliappan shekar                   Department of Computer Science

phone: (701)-293-3048(res)         Fargo-58102
       (701)-293-8562(0ff)         Iacc 258

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