problems with Addnew and CancelUpdate

problems with Addnew and CancelUpdate

Post by Claude Rengle » Sun, 14 Jan 2001 00:31:30

I have a problem with Addnew and CancelUpdate.
I use VB6 SP4, ADO 2.5 (2.6), SQL Server 7.0
I have a recordset with client side cursor
I'd like to add new record in my recordset with the AddNew method.
When the rs.update is performed and if it returns an error, trapped with error handling, the cancelupdate doesn't cancels the addnew mode, but tries to reprocess the update, and the error comes back again and again.
If there is no error from the Update, every things works fine.

Instead of an rs.Addnew, I tried with an INSERT statement, the error is still present, but I do not need CancelUpdate anymore.
The bottleneck is that I must use rs.Requery to get the new record
in my recordset.

If there is a solution for the CancelUpdate method, it will be welcome.


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1. MoveNext appears to trigger when AddNew - CancelUpdate used

VB6 SP3 MDAC 2.5.

Any ideas why executing AddNew method, then CancelUpdate does not return to
the previous record?  Instead each time you do this it moves to the next
record each time.


On record 60
Implement AddNew method
Implement CancelUpdate method
On record 61 (instead of 60)
Implement AddNew method
Implement CancelUpdate method
On record 62 (instead of 61)

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