EDBEngineErro "Number is out of range" what is this?

EDBEngineErro "Number is out of range" what is this?

Post by Sande' R. Jones Jr » Sat, 21 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to create a table using TTable.CreateTable but when I run this
I get the following error EDBEngineErro "Number is out of range".   This
only happens when building the secondary indexs.  Any help would be great

Sample of my code:

     ShowInfo('Creating ACTION.DB');
     With FieldDefs do
          Add('AK', ftInteger,0,True);
          Add('USERID', ftInteger,0,True);
          Add('AP', ftInteger,0,False);
          Add('ASA', ftInteger,0,False);
          Add('AU', ftInteger,0,False);
          Add('ADU', ftDate,0,False);
          Add('ADT', ftDate,0,False);
       end; { End with Field Defs }

    { Create index AAT }
     With IndexDefs do
          Add('AK', 'AK', [ixPrimary, ixUnique]);
          Add('AAT', 'AAT', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('ADT', 'ADT', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('AP', 'AP', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('ASA', 'ASA', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('AU', 'AU', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('Action Send to', 'STATUS;USERID', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('USERID', 'USERID', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('Names', 'SENDERNAME', [ixPrimary]);
          Add('SenderIndex', 'SENDER', [ixPrimary]);
       end; { End with Index Defs }



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  This really looks like the table does NOT have a long integer field type.
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  In OPAL, when I try to put 38200 into a smallint, I get a long
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