dtabase to internet website

dtabase to internet website

Post by Scott Winterstei » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I need someone for a project I need done. The project will require upfront
pricing no hourly bids will be accepted. All interested will need to
intergrate a database into a website. If you know how to do this email me at



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1. SQL for Internet website

With few exceptions it's not possible to buy a new SQL7 license today. You
can 'buy' SQL7, but the process is you must buy SQL2000 and then request the
media for SQL7. This means you'll be running SQL7 under the SQL2K license.

The 'internet connector' license no longer exists in SQL 2000. If you're
doing a public www site... the per processor license is the only practical
way to purchase the product. You can still buy CAL's but you would have to
know WHO those seats are since the CAL would belong gto the client not the

SQL 2000 license costs will vary based  upon your need for standard or
enterprise and what kind of deal you can cut with MS. Rack rates for a new
license = 5K per processor for standard and 20K per processor for


Brian Moran
SQL Server MVP
SQL Server Magazine Columnist


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