ANNOUNCE: Gupta/Centura SQLBase components for Delphi 3

ANNOUNCE: Gupta/Centura SQLBase components for Delphi 3

Post by Jolyon Smit » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Point your browser at:

for a suite of components for Delphi 3 providing the same data access
capabilities for Delphi developers as are enjoyed by SQLWindows/Team
Developer developers already.

Native SQL/API access is utilised by the components, PLUS direct binding
to standard Delphi VCL component in SQL statements, e.g:


Just like SQLWindows!!

The component supports SQL commands and stored procedures/commands, and
provides a Schema component and Database Explorer treeview for
navigating and investigating SQLBase database structures.

Use and distribution of the components is free, but registration will
yield priority support and source code.

This is an evolution of a component originally developed almost two
years ago, but is much enhanced and improved.

Delphi 1 version will be available in March.


ANNOUNCE: Gupta/Centura SQLBase components for Delphi 3

Post by Craig Manle » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I use Gupta 16 bit SQL Windows (at work). Will they work there too?



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Is anyone presently using Centura (formerly Gupta) SQLBase - etiher 16
or 32 bit - for development with Delphi 2? Centura SQLBase is widely
used in Europe and to a lesser extent in the States. My company uses
it for a backend DBS and uses SQLWindows for development.
Appears that Delphi 2 and 3 support Oracle, SyBase and MS SQLServer
but not Centura - is this correct?
Thanks for any info on this subject.

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